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Welcome to our FAQ page, where your questions are answered. If you cannot find your answer here please do not hesitate to give the salon a call or come in and ask any of our salon professionals!


Can I tan while I am on medication?

Many products we all use every day – such as makeup and perfume contain ingredients that can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn (photosensitive). Please let your tanning associate know any medications your are currently taking.


Why should I use a tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

Exposure to UV-light, whether indoors in a tanning bed or outside in the sun, is a stress factor for the skin and can have a drying effect. To maintain a healthy-looking skin and develop a beautiful tan, it is important to use a lotion that provides essential moisturization, plus nutrients and anti-oxidants that help counteract the environmental stress caused by UV-light. Lotions also help to smooth the surface layers of the skin to allow greater UV penetration for improved tanning results. Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions also provide advanced tanning technologies to aid the skin in developing a faster, darker tan.


Do I have to clean my own bed?

No. We are a full service salon; our trained professionals use hospital grade sanitizer/ disinfectant to ensure a clean bed every time you tan.


Does the bed stop automatically?

Yes. The timers for the bed are controlled by the computer. The beds will stop at the correct time agreed upon by you and the professional.


Can I do double sessions?

No. The law strictly forbids doing more than one session per day


Can I use outdoor tanning lotion on the beds?

No, outdoor tanning lotions have SPF which blocks UVA/UVB rays. Any mineral oil-based product will discolor and damage acrylic surface. Outdoor lotions are not designed for easy clean up and sanitizing.  However, indoor tanning lotions may be used outdoors; keep in mind there is no SPF factor.  We sell a wide range of  approved indoor tanning lotions , just ask one of our knowledgeable sales associates which lotion is best suited for your skin type.


Should I use “upgrade” equipment?

Yes. High performance upgrade equipment can tan you faster, deeper, and tans last longer. In addition, there are many other features: upgraded cooling systems, specialized facial lamps, shoulder tanners, larger beds with more room, and more.


Do I have to wear eye protection while tanning?

Yes! Eyewear protection is required by law. Your eyelids aren’t thick enough to provide protection and do not effectively block light while tanning. Approved eye protection is required to ensure you won’t have any ill effects such as reduced color vision or night blindness. Eye protection is available at our front counter for purchase.


What should I wear?

You can tan in your bathing suit, underwear, or if you prefer a more “natural” approach, you can tan semi-nude or nude. Being in a private room while tanning – unlike at the beach or pool, you can wear whatever you like. Please be aware of exposing sensitive body parts that are not normally exposed to light. It is highly recommended that sensitive body parts be gradually exposed to prevent overexposure. It is also recommended to cover up a previously unexposed part of the body for part of your tanning time, so it can catch up safely with the rest of your tan. The only required attire is eye protection because your eyelids, even when they are closed, aren’t enough protection and light can cause temporary and permanent damage to them.





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