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The information provided below and other related tanning research can be found at the following research website: SUNARC (Sunlight, Nutrition And Health Research Center)

  • UV Light lowers blood pressure.

  • UV Light increases the efficiency of the heart. (Study by Dr. Raymond Johnson, Tulane School of Medicine)

  • UV Light reduces cholesterol. (97% of patients had almost a 13% decrease in serum cholesterol levels.)

  • UV Light is an effective treatment for psoriasis. (Reports from the National Psoriasis Foundation indicate that 80% of those suffering this skin disease improved when they are exposed to UV Light.

  • UV Light has also been used effectively to treat Severe Asthma and Severe Forms of Tuberculosis.

  • UV Light increases levels of sex hormones. (According to a study at Boston State Hospital by Dr. Abraham Myerson)

  • UV Light improves moods by improving Circadian Rhythms. (According to Researchers at University of North Carolina)

  • Regular UV Light exposure, for individuals who can develop a tan, appears to protect a person from developing Melanoma. (Study done by Dr. Marianne Berwick an Epidemiologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York)

  • If your a woman, you are 69 times more likely to die from Breast Cancer than Skin Cancer and Vitamin D produced by your body when exposed to UV Light Has been proven to reduce chances of developing Breast Cancer.

  • UV Light exposure done properly, produces a tan that will help protect a person from sunburn. (Study by Dr. Michael F. Holick a Research Dermatologist at Boston University)



Don’t rush your tan.         

-Your tan should be obtained gradually.

●Consult your physician if you are taking any medications as they may cause sensitivity to UV light.

●NEVER NEVER burn yourself intentionally! Many people FALSELY assume that sunburns will eventually “fade” into a dark tans. Sunburn is associated with permanent skin damage!

 It is an injury on top of tanned skin.

1. Allowing 48-72hrs in between each session.  *Your color FULLY develops 72 hrs after UV exposure.  Tanning before then is a waste of your time & money.
2. ALWAYS wear eyewear 
3. Use tanning lotion & after tan moisturizer *moist skin tans better, allowing you to keep your tan longer due to the exfoliating process and indoor tanning lotion is designed & developed for indoor tanning & made with vitamins & nutrients to hydrate skin, help prevent against pre-mature aging & to assist in preserving your tan. Tanning lotion makes up 60% of you tanning results.  Think of wouldn't leave your plants out in the heat with out watering them. Lotion is water for your skin thru the tanning process.
Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan.
4. Wait to shower at least 2-4 hours after your session and 1 hour before, by taking a shower too soon you will remove the mantel acid from your skin & slow down or stop the tanning process.

What they don't want you to know about tanning, check out

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